Bridget Christine Kelly hails from the rolling hills of Green County, Wisconsin. While she splits her time artistically between Milwaukee and Atlanta, an upcoming move to the Peach State in June of 2020 will make her a more permanent fixture in the Atlanta scene. Bridget achieved a degree in Theatre Performance from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2018.

While performance is the discipline through which Bridget holds her degree, she has found means of creation through the mediums of costume design, stage intimacy, and in particular: Writing.

Beginning in 2017, Bridget has written¬† a series of monologues, short plays, and as of 2019, screenplays. Her short screenplays ‘Soldier’s Letter’ and ‘the Battle of the Bathroom Sink’ are in post-production, having been realized with the help of local artists and exceptionally patient friends. Ms. Kelly hopes to premiere them at Film Festivals in the future.

Within her performance career, Bridget has found root in theatrical roles that savor of young women with broad minds and a touch of ambition about them. Having studied Classical acting as an emphasis in her education, she is drawn in particular to the roles of the bard. Portraying such roles as Rosalind, Cressida and Isabella provided the most wonderful challenge of her artistic career.

Branching into Film and Television, Ms. Kelly finds deep satisfaction in the production of stories with historical narratives, and as such hopes to find a home in Period Pieces in the future.
It’s all about the Story.

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